Our Mission // To help individuals, couples, children, families, and ministry leaders with daily struggles
through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

We Serve // The people of San Angelo, the surrounding areas, and world-wide through video conference. 

We are NOT LPCs // Due to the nature of Biblical Counseling,
we are not Licensed Professional Counselors and do not bill insurance companies.
See why here.


We understand.

Unfortunately, life can become difficult. Everyday problems often become tough and overwhelming. With Biblical insights and Jesus‘ guidance, you may not only find the answers you are looking for, but may also deepen your understanding of the person of Jesus.

We believe in the life-changing power of Jesus Christ and desire the freedom to discuss Him and His principals.

Mailing List.

Stay updated with CVBiblical Counseling Center. We would love to encourage you, share blessings and, most importantly, spread the love of Jesus with you.