Lay Biblical Counseling Class: Feedback

September 2, 2019 | Announcement

See what previous students had to say about the Lay Biblical Counseling class…

Wow! Exceeded my wildest hopes. I feel confident using the material and ideas.

Loved the mock counseling.Couldn’t have any higher of are commendation for this class! It’s been AMAZING!

Loved the class. Loved visiting and bonding with like-minded people.

Sincerely loved it all and it exceeded my expectations! Thank you for such amazing resources!

I absolutely loved this course. I’ve always been interested in and studied psychology and very interested in theology. This class really brought it all together through God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!

It amazed me how, [through] the Holy Spirit, [I] used the information I learned [in class as soon as] the following week.

Overall very good resources and training, leading to personal healing.

Great insight and good, thorough discussions. Relayed many viable pieces that were easily Biblically tied together in all aspects.

Thank you for an amazing experience of growth that challenged me personally to deal with my own heart and made me really excited to continue growing in the Lord so that I will be equipped to point people to the life changing power of Jesus Christ!