Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biblical Counseling?
The true goal of biblical counseling is maturing in Jesus Christ as His true disciple. Christ doesn’t teach us to cultivate a plan or develop a functional version of ourselves. But, He does provide Biblical solutions to everyday problems.
You aren't Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs)?

We choose to be biblical counselors and not LPCs due to our belief in the life-changing power of Jesus Christ and desire the freedom to discuss Him and His principals.

What payment methods does the CVVBC take?

Members/regular attendees/employees of sponsoring churches or businesses will be charged $30/session.

People not associated with a sponsoring church will be charged $80/session.

We take cash, check, card, Venmo, or you may choose to pay directly through the payment form on this website.

*A person’s ability to pay will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

*Financial support is available.

What would the counselor expect of me?

Your counselor will expect at least three things from you:

  1. Be willing to grow and change.
  2. Be willing to attend counseling sessions regularly unless you encounter an unavoidable emergency.
  3. Be willing to complete homework assignments between counseling sessions to implement and ensure lasting change.
When will I be counseled?

You will receive a call from your counselor within twenty-four hours of submitting your intake form to set up your first appointment.  Each counselor makes their own schedule, taking into account your schedule as well. 

Our front office is open 9 am – 4 pm Monday – Thursday and 9 am – 1 pm on Fridays. 

How long will my counseling last?

The counseling sessions normally last fifty minutes and continue over a period of five to ten sessions. The exact number of sessions is determined by one’s progress. The duration of premarital preparation is usually four to eight sessions.

How can my church or business partner with the CVBCC?
The CVBCC desires to minister to the community by partnering with our churches and businesses in San Angelo. The benefit of our partnerships would be a shared donation to our counselors. Based on $60 per session suggested donation, each member or employee of a partner would be responsible for half, or $30 per session.

A monthly donation of $75 to $500 would be based on the average size of your church or business. Please contact the CVBCC if you would like to know more about becoming a partner with us.

Our Mission // To help individuals, couples, children, families, and ministry leaders with daily struggles
through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

We Serve // The people of San Angelo, the surrounding areas, and world-wide through video conference. 

We are NOT LPCs // Due to the nature of Biblical Counseling,
we are not Licensed Professional Counselors and do not bill insurance companies.
See why here.