Q: With COVID-19 and all of the uncertainty in my life right now, I find myself worrying so much that I’m getting anxiety!
What can I do about that?
A: This is a legitimate question that a lot of the world is dealing with right now. Rest assured, God is still in charge. One
thing that helps me if I find myself in this situation is to remember Philippians 4:4-8. Keep in mind, Paul was in the worst form of isolation when he wrote this. He was in prison. First of all, this selection reminds us to rejoice in the Lord. We still need to be joyful about all He has provided for us. Second, our character remains important. We are encouraged to be
gentle and reasonable with those around us. In close quarters, this especially isn’t easy. Next, verse five reminds us we
are not alone. The Lord is still with us! Praise God. After that we are given instructions for when we find ourselves getting anxious: pray specifically in detail, thank God for anything you can, and accept His free gift of peace. Later, this section
of the Word tells us what to think about. I find it helpful to actually make a list of the good things that you have to go with each attribute in verse eight. Finally, it is important that we focus on those things and not the chaos around us. I am
confident that if you can follow Paul’s instructions your anxiety will subside. I pray you will always feel the Lord’s peace.