I am His Princess!

April 29, 2019 | Testimonial

I was on the floor, stepped on and abandoned. My counselor walked beside me to open my eyes and heart to Jesus. I regained my strength through tools offered to me. I did my homework. God is Good! I am His Princess! I am Priceless.

– Claudia M.

We are grateful for the coun-seling sessions. Our commu-nication lines are more open. Thank you for helping our relationship to get stronger.

– Carrie & Steven G.

I am thankful for the kind, diligent, and generous care from the Concho Valley Bibli-cal Counseling Center. CVBCC has been such a blessing for me as I process life and particularly life in southeast Asia.

– Anonymous Missionary

Lay Counseling [Training] with Donald Moon … has helped love and encourage me to continue to fight my own personal battle with sin and live a more God-honoring life, so I can help others.

– Vanessa C.

I didn’t want to go. Vulnerability certainly wasn’t the road I wanted to go down. But pride comes before the fall, and, before I knew it, I fell. God, in His mercy, reminded me I did have a safe place-to talk, cry, learn, and grow. When I first walked into CVBCC, I soon realized I was wanted there. My mar-riage felt broken, my friend-ships felt empty, and my par-enting was just surviving. God gave me a safe place to talk to someone who poured wisdom into my life to heal what was broken.

– Lara C.