After I hit rock bottom, God revealed to me that I had been sexually abused, multiple times, as a child. When this fact was uncovered, my real healing began. Things that I had forgotten were revealed. I was able to completely stop the unhealthy behavior and move forward. But still there was much more to come.

God, in His infinite wisdom and timing, lead me be forward but only when He knew I was ready. He led me to the CV Biblical Counseling Center. I was still struggling with self-loathing and a deep seeded belief that I was unworthy of His forgiveness and His love. I had believed this lie since being taught, retaught, and even having it reinforced for many years. I wanted to know HIS love and forgiveness. I wanted to live in the freedom that only God offers



After the unexpected loss of a loved one, I struggled with grief. I attempted to ignore the reality of my pain and sadness. Once I could no longer hide my inability to properly grieve, a dear friend finally convinced me to seek help. I began seeing one of the counselors at the CV Biblical and it was extremely helpful. With the help of both the Lord and my counselor, He began to heal the brokenness left behind after this tragic loss. In the midst of the pain and heartache, I was able to begin drawing near to the Father and allowing Him to minister and heal my heart. The Lord used the Biblical Counseling Center in a major way to speak and heal like only He can.

Caludia Meza


About a year ago, I was referred to CV Biblical because I was overwhelmed with divorce, my daughter’s estrangement, and being a single mom to a nine-year-old. My counselor, Becky, came beside me, prayed with me, kept leading me to the Word, and helped me find strength and peace again and then the healing began. Now, I’m actively serving in my church and am ready to comfort others like I was. Best of all, my son received Jesus a few months ago!

Concho Valley Baptist Association

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The CV Biblical Counseling Center is the place to learn and grow towards the knowledge and training of Christ. The Center is a safe place where people are loved and counseled by a counselor with a pure heart and sincere faith. The center equips people by strategically teaching them how to apply biblical truth to their lives. Through the wise counsel and training at CV Biblical Counseling, one can learn how to identify and eliminate unhealthy thought, emotion, and behavior patterns and replace them with the healthy God intended, designed, and desired patterns. The Center teaches people how to victoriously resolute when presented with life’s challenges. The Counseling Center has over forty years of combined experience and provides flexible scheduling. It is a joy and a privilege to have the CV Biblical Counseling Center in the Concho Valley. It is an excellent resource for the community.

Our Mission // To help individuals, couples, children, families, and ministry leaders with daily struggles
through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

We Serve // The people of San Angelo, the surrounding areas, and world-wide through video conference. 

We are NOT LPCs // Due to the nature of Biblical Counseling,
we are not Licensed Professional Counselors and do not bill insurance companies.
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