We want you to understand just how the finances work around the CV Biblical Counseling Center. All income generated through counseling goes directly to the counselors. If a client can’t pay the entire session fee of $80, they can fill out an application for a scholarship. We have budgeted $800 each month for scholarships. If approved, the client’s fee is reduced to $60 and he or she receives six sessions at half price. The $30 from the scholarship fund goes to the counselor. Over $5,000 in scholarships was given away in 2019! The counselor may reduce their rate in the event that the client can’t pay. In fact, our counselors reduced their rates by over $17,000 in 2019! If you’re keeping track, that’s over $22,000 that was given away in free and reduced services in 2019. All other expenses such as administration salaries, mortgage, insurances, and maintenance are paid through donations only. In 2019, the funds we generated through the generous donors on the day of San Angelo Gives covered 10% of our operating costs for the entire year. We appreciate anything you can contribute on May 5th.